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Wordpress SEO Tips

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WordPress is a benchmark engine blog. Simple to use, already provided many ways to facilitate the delivery of your tickets on the Internet. It covers your needs whether you are blogger, publisher of website or webmaster. WordPress is a tool that allows you to easily, within a few clicks, install a blog on a hosting computer.

If we chose WordPress as a basic tool for many of our sites, it is more time saving than by choice now. Indeed, there are hundreds of content managers, the most complete, at the base. It seems to me that WordPress is not quite a true content management. It’s more a publishing tool on the Internet, fast efficient and cheap.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress has attracted for several reasons:

* Price.
The use of the tool is free wordpress.
Indeed WordPress is licensed under the GPL which can be used without paying a single cent.
* Free support.
The support is carried out by the user for a large part, through forums or other sites like ours that focuses on optimizing engine WordPress.
* Operation.
There are 3 parts.
Administration, to add text and images without FTP access, after the installation.
oThe display already provided in terms of themes (video page) free and pay.
o The display engine, and plugins (optional component), which make the product really easy to modify to suit their own desires.
* The code.
Publicly downloadable sources are clean (there’s worse).
This guarantees a minimum of reading.
The code is a little documented.
The code is made by professionals and amateurs, not tinkering too much visible.
* Plugins.
The product manages plugins which greatly simplifies the changes for users who do not wish to touch the source code of WordPress. Sulumits Retsambew.


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